Mike Ayres (the person)

A designer and artist who specialises in creating equipment and environments to encourage development and learning through multi-sensory experiences. He has been creating tactile and sensory murals for about 20 years.

Mike Ayres Design (the Company)

The Company designs, manufactures, and installs multi sensory equipment, environments and soft play spaces and rooms in the UK and other countries.

Beautiful artwork that feels as exciting as it looks!

You are not usually allowed to touch art! but our unique tactile murals and panels are designed to be handled and explored. They are brilliant to look at, and also appeal directly and powerfully to the sense of touch, movement, space and even sound. They have an important physical, learning and therapeutic function: helping people to understand and enjoy the world around them.

Enhance large spaces, discrete areas, entire buildings

We design and build amazing tactile artwork for spaces of all shapes and sizes, creating stimulating islands of vivid, flowing colour and texture which makes a very positive statement making you want to engage with the space as soon as you enter it. Fill an entire wall or room with textured images, weave a story, or make a trail for people to follow by marking their journey through your building. Our tactile murals are installed in schools, colleges, children’s centres, residential care homes, therapy centres, hospitals, adult centres and Museums and are suitable for all sorts of public venues. Each mural is designed to perfectly fit the space in question and in sympathy with your particular needs.

An incredible range of texture and colour

Made with tough, safe, durable and exciting and colourful ranges of diverse materials such as timber, plastic, rubber, mirror, stone, metal, fabric and a wide range of specially formulated components. They enable you to experience the comparisons of rough and smooth, hard and soft, warm and cold, angular and curved, embossed and impressed, fine and course, linear and meandering, regular and random, absorbent and reflective... You get the idea... In a safe and exciting way.

Add light, sound and interaction for a real sensory adventure

We use the latest fibre optic and LED light technology as well as sound effects within the murals, allowing more opportunity for exciting exploration and learning. Other interactive elements include giant keyboards and ‘Wot’s in the Wellie?’ encouraging people to engage with the murals for longer periods of time. We have even created a super range of standard tactile panels and tiles to choose from which you can see in the ‘Mike Ayres Design Sensory Resources Catalogue’ or at mikeayresdesign.co.uk

To find out more please visit our main website, mikeayresdesign.co.uk

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